Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Experts: 'Third World War Has Never Been So Close: Russia Prepares While America Sleeps'"

While most Americans are watching the presidential election like maniacal hawks, the international "think tank" Katehon is watching the world inch dangerously close to WWIII.

Why haven't you been hearing about this? Because the American media hasn't been doing its job (or maybe it has, if its job is to keep us in the dark).

Katehon, "an independent organization consisting of an international network of people--from a wide variety of fields and disciplines--who specialize in the geopolitical, geostrategic and political analysis of world events." Katehon keeps its eye on the ball and warns: "No one invited the U.S. into Syria. It has become a proxy war against Russia and Russia refuses to back down."

Though Katehon works behind the scenes, it's members include:
  • experts in security and counter-terrorism
  • international relations researchers
  • political thinkers and philosophers
In short, they are Brainiacs from all over the world who's job it is to forecast global trends and warn when necessary.

Why should we care? Because according to Katehon: the "Third World War has never been so close."

Katehon contends that on "September 17th, the likelihood of this war was breathtakingly high," when American troops bombed positions of the Syrian army at Deir ez-Zor, resulting in the deaths of 60 Syrian soldiers.

According to Katehon: "This strike was extremely important for ISIS militants, whom the U.S. is informally advising and arming while supposedly fighting them."

"This crossed the line. Bombing Syrian soldiers is one thing, but this means declaring war not only against Syria, but also Russia, which is fighting in Syria on Assad's side. And this means that we have reached a climax."

U.S.leadership claimed that the air strike was a mistake and warned Russia not to react--but everybody, including Russia, believes the U.S. is lying.

 "Modern technology," Katehon continued, "allows satellite objects to be seen from a desktop. Theoretically, American bombers could not have simply confused such a strike."

"The point of no return has not yet been crossed", but Moscow is getting the Russian people ready for a direct, formal confrontation with the U.S. and NATO.

Vladimir Putin this week ordered the evacuation of 40 million Russians in a huge 4-day "drill". The drill will prepare Russian citizens for "large natural and man-made disasters", this according to the country's Ministry for Civil Defence.

But with tensions already so high over Syria, this drill has set alarms off in Washington and NATO states.

"Thus," according to Katehon, "everything at this point is very, very serious>'

A wise man once said: "Is Putin bluffing? Are we prepared to ride the up-escalator, at the top of which is nuclear war, if Putin, who has been boasting of his modernized nuclear forces, is also willing to ride it rather than back down?" -- Patrick J. Buchanan, syndicated columnist
"Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; For the LORD will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being caught." Proverbs 3:25-36.
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  • Metro: Russia tells citizens 'nuclear war with the West could happen soon'
  • Reuters: Next U.S. President Inherits Sinking Russia Ties; meanwhile, U.S. suspends talks with Russia.

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