Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Economic 'Danger Ahead'"

Legendary investor (and billionaire) Carl Icahn is so concerned about the U.S. economy he decided it was necessary to go public with a warning.

In a 15-minute video, the founder and chairman of Icahn Enterprises warns there is "Danger Ahead" that will make the last economic downturn "look good".

Oh, and guess who he thinks is the best presidential candidate to fix things?

You guessed it--Donald Trump.

"I don't think the other guys understand the major problems we face," Icahn said. "I grew up on the streets of Queens (N.Y.). I never could have been this successful in any other country in the world. I hate to see it go down the tubes and that's what's sort of happening. We're losing our hegemony (influence or authority). I really believe it.

Trump has expressed interest in Icahn as head of the U.S. Treasury or even recruiting him to negotiate with China should he be elected president.

Icahn already has "a day job" and isn't available to be Trump's Treasury Secretary, he claims. However, he is open to "helping" Trump in other ways.

Seems like he already has.

A wise man once said: "I've been disappointed in politicians, very disappointed in the Democratic Party, very disappointed in the Republican Party. I think Americans across the board are fed up with the shenanigans that go on, politicians who go to Washington to benefit themselves, who promise one thing and deliver another. Americans are ready for a change." -- Franklin Graham
"Then He will appoint children to rule over them, and anarchy will prevail. People will take advantage of each other--man against man, neighbor fighting neighbor. Young people will revolt against authority and nobodies will sneer at honorable people." Isaiah 3: 4-5

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