Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Mystery Virus Plagues Thousands"

According to The Washington Times, "The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is unprepared to protect its own workforce should a major infectious disease hit US shores."

If alarm bells aren't clanging in your head--you're not paying attention.

Imagine, if you will...hundreds, no thousands of undocumented (and unvaccinated!) children pouring over US borders and into American classrooms.

Far-fetched, you say? Not at all. That is precisely what is happening all over the country as we struggle to assimilate nearly 100K South American children.

If DHS officials haven't even planned adequately to provide "antiviral drugs to maintain critical operations during a pandemic" for themselves, what do you suppose the odds are they've planned for us?

And if you think our children will be protected, think again.

Undocumented kids from who-knows-where have overwhelmed our southern border all summer. This fall they have flooded our schools, bringing significant health concerns with them.

Medical experts warn if unvaccinated students are allowed into our schools, "how long before a century of medical advances are erased?"

Colorado admitted over 900 children into intensive care units last week, all believed to be infected with a rare respiratory virus call Enterovirus 68. Symptoms include: mouth blisters, fever, flu-like cough, chills.
At least 12 other states are reporting similar spikes.

Rare Respiratory Illness Sends Hundreds of Children to Hospital

Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure they don't have anything contagious before entering the US.

Illegal immigrants are not.

A wise man once said: "One of the critical issues that we have to confront is illegal immigration. This multi-headed Hydra* affects our economy, our health care, our education systems, our national security, and also our local criminality." -- Allen West  former US Congressman from Florida
     *mythical many-headed, serpent-like monster

"A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." --  Proverbs 37:12


  • Lynn, Massachusetts tests 830 patients for TB to determine if they were exposed to tuberculosis.
  • CNN: Epidemic of Enterovirus hospitalizations might be "just the tip of iceberg," says CDC. "We don't have all the answers yet."
  • The Telegraph: "Ebola is terrifying--and proves how unprepared we are for epidemics," says expert in tropical medicine, Dr. Alexander van Tulleken. "Death toll a warning."

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