Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Rabbi Predicts Messiah's Imminent Return"

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is (as of this writing) fighting for his life. UPDATE: Ariel Sharon passed away this morning, Saturday, January 11th.

Why should you care?

Because 8 years ago, a 108-year old rabbi predicted Messiah would reveal Himself...after Sharon's death.

Fast forward to 2014.

The rabbi is dead and 85-year old Sharon has been in a coma for eight years.

It all began back in 2005 when the renowned rabbi (and Kabbalist) Yitzhak Kaduri claimed to have met the Jewish Messiah in a vision and was told He'd arrive after the death of Ariel Sharon.

Before the rabbi's own death on January 28, 2006, he left a sealed, handwritten note to his followers with the instructions to wait one year after his death before opening it.

Detailed in a book, "The Rabbi Who Found Messiah" by Carl Gallups, the note left by Rabbi Kaduri is extremely controversial. (We have not read this book and are not promoting it, but found the premise interesting).

While intriguing, this note is definitely cryptic. Rather than simply stating the name of Messiah, the note contains a verse with the acronym for the Hebrew name Yehoshua (translated Joshua or Jesus).

Naturally, this caused a stir in Jewish circles and many Christians came to the conclusion he meant Jesus Christ.

Maybe he did. But if Rabbi Kaduri had wanted to be unambiguous (instead of puzzling and mysterious) all he needed to do was add "of Nazareth". Which in Hebrew amounts to only 4 letters.

One more clue, according to the author Carl Gallups: "Some months prior to the note's appearance on Kaduri's website, and prior to Kaduri's death, the ominous and prophetic words of one of his many Messiah utterances was posted":
"Many have known his name but have not believed that he is the Messiah."

"And there you have it," Gallups continued.

"Many have known Messiah's name."

When Kaduri said 'Many', he was speaking to the Jews among whom he ministered. Kaduri said, "they have known his name--but they have not believed it."

Gallups went on to say:
"Kaduri said this about the name of the Messiah long before the controversial note was revealed! And thus the story and the controversy remains until the coming of the Messiah."

So is Gallups right about Kaduri?

 ▶ Prophecy! MESSIAH REVEALED! - Is He Coming Soon? - REDUX - YouTube 

We are skeptical of all extra-Biblical prophecy. Though we know for a fact, Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, we wonder if a Kabbalist mystic would be an appropriate messenger.

A wise man once said: "As you can clearly see, it is God's purpose and plan to exalt His Son, our Savior, and that all should acknowledge that Jesus the Messiah is Lord!" -- David Hocking, Bible teacher

"Look to me, and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.' Isaiah 45:22


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