Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Obama Plays 'Race' Card: 'Trumps' GOP"

While the media was busy diagnosing Hillary's cough, President Obama nominated the very first Muslim-American to serve as a federal court judge.

If confirmed, Abid Riaz Qureshi's nomination would be an historic first.

The problem? He won't be confirmed. Everybody (including Obama) knows the U.S. Senate has halted any decisions on judicial nominations until after Obama's term ends in January.

So why did the President bother to nominate Qureshi even though he knows all judicial decisions have been halted?

One word, people--politics.

It's no secret the Dems worked overtime trying to paint conservative resistance to President Obama's liberal policies as 'racial hatred', when in fact it is his policies, not his race, that are disliked.

To nominate a Muslim he knows won't be confirmed just seems like another dubious attempt to play the 'race card', as in: 'See? They won't confirm him 'cause he's Muslim.'

As expected, the White House statement scores one for 'diversity':
"The men and women the president has nominated to enforce our laws and deliver justice represents his unprecedented commitment [to] expanding the diversity of our nation's highest courts."
In other words, Obama nominated Qureshi because he was a Muslim, using him as proof of Democratic diversity.

So what does that make Trump? The opposite, according to the Dems who love to color the GOP and Trump as racist. Trump wants to monitor Muslims, not nominate them to positions of power. He wants to build walls and kick out foreigners--the antithesis of inclusion.

Business Insider actually published an article with the title: "Republicans Would Be Screwed Without Racist Voters".

Can't anyone cough up something more original than the same ol' trumped-up prejudicial stereotypes?

A wise man once said: "White liberals are the most racist people there are. They put you in a little category, a little box--you have to think this way."  -- Dr. Ben Carson, Trump supporter
"I most certainly understand now that God is not one to show partiality, but in every nation the man who fears Him--and does what is right is welcome to Him--Acts 10:34-35.

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