Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Do You Side With Satan?"

According to Pastor Ron Johnson of Community Bible Church, God came to earth with a very specific purpose, a purpose that easily gets lost in the Christmas "mythology, fables, and traditions."

"Tradition tells us that it was a silent night when all was calm and quiet."

"Not true," says Johnson. "This night God launched a full-scale attack on sin and Satan, and Satan launched a full-scale attack on Jesus and His followers. Hardly a silent night."

The big question? Whose side are we on? God's or Satan's?

"Whose side you are on is determined by your reactions to Jesus and what He came to do," says Pastor Johnson. "Every person choosing to walk in sin is choosing to side with Satan."

In other words:

It doesn't matter what we say we believe, our actions tell our true beliefs.

  • Do we lie?
  • View pornography?
  • Get drunk?
  • Do our actions support Satan?
The Bible says, "You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?" (Matthew 7:16).

Jesus knows our choice by the way we live our lives. Everything we do (in public or in private) indicates our choice.

Jesus said, "Anyone who isn't with Me opposes Me, and anyone who isn't working with Me is actually working against Me." (Matthew 12:30).

So, do our actions match our true beliefs? The Bible says they do.

"I love them that love Me; and those that seek Me early shall find Me." (Proverbs 8:17)

A wise man once said: "It's human nature to take the things Jesus died for and to make it seem like it's not that big of a deal. That's what we do when we make light of sin. What does it say about us if we proclaim Christ but side with Satan? Hypocrite." --Pastor Ron Johnson, Community Bible Church

"But if you refuse to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve." Joshua 24:15


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