Thursday, August 14, 2014

"Bible Prophecy & Prophetic Labor Pains"

President Obama believes "we can look out on the horizon and feel optimistic because human trend lines are getting progressively better and better."

"We've substantially improved the global tranquility", claims his new press secretary.

Really? Former Secretary of State, under President Clinton, Madeline Albright says "the world is a mess" and current Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel agrees. "The world is exploding all over," he remarked Tuesday.

Current events seem to prove their point. Consider:

  • Northern Iraq and Syria, overrun by ISIS, has seen the slaughter of thousands (including the beheading of children, crucifixion of Christians and the kidnapping/rape of women).
  • ISIS has become such a threat to the entire Middle East, that the US military has been drawn back in.
  • The Gaza conflict is isolating Israel more and more.
  • Russia is amassing troops on the Ukraine border while "daring" the West to stop them.
  • The risk of a global financial meltdown has many experts nervous. USA
  • The chaos at the US border has become a major security breach.
  • The continuing Ebola outbreak has been declared an "international health emergency" by W.H.O.
  • Crippling long-term drought in many parts of the world is threatening the food supply. Central American drought
  • Other parts of the world, including the eastern US, are experiencing record-breaking floods.
  • Suburban St. Louis has had 5 nights of civil unrest after police shoot an unarmed teen. Ferguson, MO militarized police
  • And to top it off? There are giant sinkholes appearing all over the globe.  Giant Sinkholes
So can we look out on the horizon and feel optimistic? You betcha.

We are living in the prophetic times detailed throughout Scripture. And though we are not prophets, we can tell you with certainty: You ain't seen nothin' yet. The world is in labor like a woman about to give birth (Romans 8:22).

And because he knows his time is short (Revelation 12:17), Satan has drawn targets on the backs of Christians and Jews and things will not go well for us.

So how in the world can we remain optimistic?

That's just it, our hope is not "in the world."

"And the world with its seductions is passing away..." 1John 2:17

A wise man once said: "To be consumed with this life is to be unprepared for the next." --Len Woods, Th.M.

  • Reuters: Central America braces for drought-linked food crisis; widespread crop damage to blame.
  • Fox News Channel: Five nights of riots and looting escalates in Ferguson, MO as police meet threat with military-like force. Highway Patrol vows a change in tactics will turn things around.
  • Jerusalem Post: Dramatic surge in anti-Semitism during Gaza offensive: violence against Jews, Jewish institutions "metastasized" during military operations in Gaza.

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