Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Where's America in Bible Prophecy?"

Is it just us, or is this administration's strategy of lead-from-behind leaving something lacking?

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? But that is how one Obama adviser described the President's "style": lead from behind. Unfortunately, the description seems made to order when you consider some of Washington's shocking passivity on some major issues.

Face it people, things are starting to pile up. Let's see...we've got Israel and Iran simmering on the back burner, for what--four years now? Syria is in absolute shambles and getting worse everyday. (How is it that Libya qualified as a humanitarian crisis but Syria does not?)  And please, don't even get us started on the federal budget. After four years, it took threats of "no budget-no pay" to actually get Congress working on one.

Procrastination is one thing, but this is something else. It's abdication. Somebody needs to tell Washington this lead-from-behind business isn't working. In fact, it seems some countries are beginning to think we're weak. For instance:

  • North Korea threatened the United States with a preemptive nuclear strike last week in response to new sanctions. (Of course, no one believes they have the capacity to hit our mainland, but still, the nerve!)
  • Hamas is warning President Obama not to visit the Temple Mount in his upcoming trip to Israel. If he dares, they will consider it a "declaration of war" against the Islamic world. Really?
  • And just last month we had to scramble fighter jets after catching Russian nuclear bombers circling American airspace over Guam.
One of the most frequently asked questions in the Western church concerning Bible prophecy is: Where is America? You'd imagine the world's only superpower would have a least a few verses devoted to it, but it doesn't. Not even one. Why not? Nobody knows for sure, but on its current trajectory, it doesn't take a prophet to see the vultures are circling.

General Douglas MacArthur warned: "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster."

How is it possible to lead from behind?

Ask Jesus who said:" I am the Good Shepherd. My sheep hear My voice and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand" (John 10:11, 27-28).

A wise man once said: "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!" --John the Baptist

  • NBC News: Israeli farmers on "locust alert" after an estimated swarm of 30 million devastated Egyptian crops.
  • Reuters: Venezuela will set up a formal inquiry into claims that President Hugo Chavez's cancer was the result of poisoning by his enemies abroad.
  • Mail Online: Golfer swallowed by sinkhole in St. Louis.
  • Fox News Channel: New Jersey woman arrested for making a "terrorist threat" after reading the Constitution while protesting the doubling of her property tax.
  • World Net Daily: White smoke rises over Vatican, announcing the election of what "many believe to be the last pope in human history."

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  1. That is so true. America has lost its foundation.


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