Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Throw The Clowns Out"

Last week, the United Nations began negotiating a global treaty to regulate international trade in conventional arms.

Fine 'n dandy.

Guess who they elected to head the committee?


Yep, you heard that right, folks.Iran, one of the worst offenders of illegal weapons swaps, has been put in charge of coming up with a treaty intended to make sure there are no illegal weapons swaps!

Apparently, the clowns at the U.N. are oblivious to the irony. According to Hillel Neuer of U.N. Watch, the vote came "right after a U.N. Security Council report found Iran guilty of illegally transferring guns and bombs to Syria, which is now murdering thousands of its own people. It defies logic, morality, and common sense for the U.N. to now elect this same regime to a global post in the regulation of arms transfers."

Mr. Neuer, beside himself with exasperation, went on to say, "This is like choosing Bernie Madoff to police fraud on the stock market. And the U.N.'s scandalous choice of Iran is exactly why we fear that Syria's declared bid for a U.N. Human Rights Council seat is not impossible." (Hey, if Qaddafi's got one, why not Syria? just sayin'...)

The fifteen nation committee, led by Argentina, includes the United States, Iran, China, and Russia. You'd think one of them might have the brains to balk at this ridiculous choice. Of course the U.S. did oppose it, but claimed, "it's a symbolic position with little impact."

Symbolic of what? The idiocy of allowing this troop of clowns to take up space in NYC in the first place?

U.N. Watch called on U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to condemn the decision. "He should remind the conference that the Security Council has imposed four rounds of sanctions on Iran for refusing to halt its prohibited nuclear program, and that Iran continues to defy the international community through illegal arms shipments to the murderous Assad regime," Neuer said.

And while they're at it, how 'bout reminding the whole sorry bunch to make the treaty crystal clear that it does NOT apply to anything that goes on inside the U.S. (i.e. our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms) because, frankly, who knows what these bozos will try next?

A wise man once said: "The wicked are trapped by their own words, but the godly escape such trouble." (Proverbs 12:13)


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