Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Why Study Bible Prophecy?"

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is woven with predictions. In fact, more than one-quarter of the Bible is prophecy. Most of them (roughly 80%) have already been fulfilled.

The majority of these prophetic scriptures center on the formation and history of God's Chosen People, the Jews. Why? Because the Messiah, the Deliverer of the Jews (and Savior of all who believe) would come from them.

Because so many verses in the Bible are concerned with prophecy, and these verses are scattered throughout the entire Old and New Testaments, any serious study must include them.

Though some consider Bible prophecy to be a controversial and uncomfortable subject, it is the vehicle God chose to authenticate His message. How better to prove One's existence and power over  world events than to tell history in advance? Fulfilled prophecy conveys the unique signature of God, and is a powerful proof to an unbelieving world.

For the believer it's a motivator. The Apostle Paul urges us to "walk worthy of our calling." Easier said than done, especially in our society of constant temptations and loose morals. The hope of Christ's soon return has a purifying effect. (1John 3:3). And sad to say the church in this generation has grown weak and frail. Jesus Himself wondered if He'd find any faith left on the earth when He returned. If we want to live effective lives, we'd better use whatever tools we have at our disposal. The spiritual complacency of those of us who believe is truly appalling. Bible prophecy lights a fire under the Christian that little else will. John 9:4 says, "I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work."

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by non-Christians who have no interest in theology or the things of God. Mention church? Forget it. The Good News of the Gospel message? No way, Jose'.

But sometimes a friendly conversation on current events or the geopolitical world will open an otherwise closed door. People are curious about the future. Just look at Sylvia Brown and Jonathan Edwards who talk to the dead. These people are so wrong it isn't funny. (Deut.18:9-14). By contrast, the Bible has a proven track record of 100%! The prophetic scriptures stand alone when it comes to accuracy. Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, or any other psychic that has ever lived cannot hold a candle to the Book that God wrote. And remember: Someday we will meet the Author of that Book.

A wise man once said:
"Eternal life belongs to everyone. The only question? LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION."

Moody's downgrades Ireland one notch to junk bond status sparking talk of another bailout and fears of Market contagion in Europe.

Fed hints @ QE3 (quantitative easing). In English, that means printing money, which results in devaluing the dollars which cause inflation. Gold soared on the news.

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