Thursday, September 10, 2015

"One Second After"

In his best-selling novel, William R. Forstchen paints a vivid picture of life in America One Second After an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

A sequel, One Year After, is scheduled for release on September 15th.

For those not up to speed, an EMP attack is a burst of electromagnetic radiation produced by a high-altitude nuclear detonation.

The result? Everything electronic gets fried, including the power grid.

A few months back, Arutz Sheva ran an op-ed by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National Security, describing a nuclear crisis caused by Iran: 

"One nuclear warhead detonated at high-altitude over the United States would blackout the national electric grid and other life sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years by means of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

"A nationwide blackout lasting one year, according to the Congressional EMP Commission, could cause chaos and starvation that leaves 90 percent of Americans dead."

The bad news?

"Iranian military documents describe such a scenario--including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses (a) nuclear EMP attack against the United States."

Meanwhile, the Iran "Nuke Deal" is being voted on in Congress, even though just yesterday Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was busy posting threats to both Israel and the U.S. on his official twitter account. (Maybe he forgot the vote was still pending).

Oh--and for a sneak peak-preview of what life off the grid may look like, check out Forstchen's novel One Second After...while we still have lights!

A wise man once said: "Iran armed with nuclear missiles poses an unprecedented threat to global civilization." -- Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

"Let those who love the LORD hate evil, for He guards the lives of His faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 97:10 (NIV)


  • Financial Times: World Bank chief economist warns Fed to delay rate hike fearing "panic and turmoil".
  • Los Angeles Times: California Assembly approves right-to-die legislation; bill allows doctors to give patients suicide pills, making CA the 6th U.S. state to allow euthanasia.
  • The Telegraph: China leading world towards global economic recession, warns Citibank. 

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